Two Buddies Trying to Make a Difference

Emmanuel Dean and Miguel Boy

Emmanuel Dean (right) is from Indonesia and graduated from Colgate University, NY, in 2018, majoring in Economics and Chinese. Emmanuel has a deep passion for entrepreneurship as well as making a positive difference. He wanted to make a start-up that was not only profitable but also beneficial for the Earth. That was when he decided to found Boomi in the summer of 2018. He himself is still a novice eco-warrior, but as the company grows, so does his passion for living more sustainably 

Miguel Angel Zambrano Boy (left) is from Peru, he graduated from New York University (Shanghai) with a bachelors in History. He is the father nature of the team, as he has vowed to pay RMB20 to anyone who spots him using single-use plastic. His passion for living sustainably has propelled him to become a positive influence among his peers.

Emmanuel and Miguel met during their high-school days in 2012. They are both proud graduates of the first graduating class of UWCSEA - East Campus (2014), Singapore. If it weren't for UWC's education, Boomi would not have existed. They have placed the UWC values as core principles of Boomi. 

"Central to the ethos of UWC is the belief that education can bring together young people from all backgrounds on the basis of their shared humanity, to engage with the possibility of social change through courageous action, personal example, and selfless leadership"

Boomi is not only a company that sells cool sustainable products, but we want to be an inspiration for people to come together and make a difference in this world, one step at a time. #myboomi