Our Commitment

1. We consider the full life cycle of every product we provide.

  • Where is the material sourced from? Are they sustainably harvested?
  • Who are our manufacturers, do they have the right licenses and certificates? Fair Trade?
  • We make sure that we deliver our products sustainably as well by using compostable or 100% biodegradable packaging and completely plastic free.
  • Are our products beneficial to our consumers? Are they just as good as their plastic counterpart?
  • How easily can consumers dispose of our products? What are the lasting environmental effects?
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2. We are committed to making a difference.

For every toothbrush sold, we will donate a toothbrush. Not only do we want to make a difference to our environment. But we also want to make a difference to people in need. These toothbrushes will be collected and donated to "something something NGO". Learn more about

3. We are committed to raising awareness throughout South East Asia.

Just supplying quality eco-friendly products is not enough to help our environment. Therefore, we are also committed to increasing awareness about the problems of plastic pollution. We currently have three methods of raising awareness.

  • Creating partnerships with NGOs and other sustainability groups. Learn more about our PARTNERSHIPS
  • We are committed to sharing uncensored stories about the effects of plastic pollution on animal wildlife to inspire people. Many eco-friendly websites do not dare to post pictures or videos that may evoke unpleasant feelings. However, our blog wants to show people the sad and often terrible reality of our impact on our wildlife. We share stories that other blogs are unwilling to share. Learn more at our BLOG
  • Plastic pollution will be the problem of our future generations. Therefore, we are committed to educating the future generations of South East Asia to become more and more eco-friendly.