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We are always looking for new partnerships and opportunities to help our community in any way possible. Whether you are a shop, hotel, school, NGO, blogger, or NatGeo in person, if you also believe in sustainability and keeping our planet beautiful and green, we would love to work with you to spread the message. Shoot us an email and let's collaborate!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of partnerships does Boomi do?

Boomi is open to all sorts of partnerships. We also love to share and discuss sustainability and give speeches and workshops to students and small organizations.

Can Boomi sponsor my event?

We love sponsoring workshops, events at schools and universities, science camps and eco-retreats with our products. Send us an email with the expected amount of participants, the date of your event, and a short description of your event’s mission. Monetary sponsorships are also possible depending on the event’s nature.

Can Boomi come to my school/university to do a workshop?

We would be honored to share our experience and expertise with students. We do customized workshops depending on the goal of the institution. We primarily focus on sustainable entrepreneurship, so just drop us an email with your proposal. Science, technology, environment and business classes are all welcome.

What age group does Boomi work with?

We can prepare activities for young children, for high school students and for adults. The idea is for Boomi to help anyone transition into a sustainable lifestyle, whether it is from a fun activity or a more complex business planning workshop. We can co-host a film screening or teach you how to pitch a green businesses, you name it.

Does Boomi do consulting?

Consulting is currenlty still a smaller part of our business. However, we do accept consulting opportunities from schools, small businesses, and restaurants. We primarily focus on helping your business become as sustainable and environmentally concsious as possible.