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Boomi's Story

Boomi is a Shanghai-based startup that provides starter-kits filled with eco-friendly products and knowledge-based services to empower people to find their balance between city living and sustainability.
Boomi was founded with the goal of transforming the plastic consuming habits of individuals in the Asia-Pacific region. Most of us know that using plastic is harmful. Yet, most of us feel unable to make changes because the alternatives seem inconvenient or overpriced. Even if we do want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, sometimes we don’t even know where or how to start. This is where Boomi comes in, we want to become your guide towards sustainability. We want to be there, by your side, through your journey towards a more eco-friendly and zero-waste life. We believe making the switch should be more appealing, affordable, and simple.

We know what you're thinking - what difference do these small changes make? Every plastic bag foregone at the grocery store, every use of a reusable water bottle, and every plastic toothbrush replaced is a step towards a cleaner planet. We believe the idea of incrementalism and persistence are key to living a more sustainable life. We have one planet and we're not planning on going to Mars anytime soon (sorry Elon Musk).

One product at a time, we strive to shift households in the Asia-Pacific region towards becoming more environmentally friendly. In the near future, from self-care products to kitchen supplies, we aim to become your sustainable one-stop-shop.

In Bahasa Indonesian, the word bumi means earth.