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Boomi's Mission

Our Mission

Boomi’s mission is to empower people to find a balance between city living and sustainability. We do so by challenging consumers to rethink about their daily practices in the wake of urbanization.

Boomi's Pillars of Sustainable Living = 'BAE'

1. Break down the complexity of sustainable living

To simplify the complex process of transforming your lifestyle, we breakdown sustainable living into different segments of your home. Boomi believes in the concept of incrementalism, the idea that incremental changes can make a significant impact in the future.

2. Access to sustainable alternatives

Boomi wants to increase the accessibility to sustainable products and services. Boomi is building the one-stop platform for all your sustainable needs, ranging from bamboo toothbrushes to even bio-degradable poop bags for your pooches. 

3. Empower consumers with the knowledge to make conscious decisions

We believe that change is in the hands of our consumers, the Boomi Warriors. We strive to empower our Boomi Army by providing a range of events, workshops, festivals, summits and parties for everyone to learn and redefine sustainability together.

In Bahasa Indonesian, the word bumi means earth.