Boomi's Mission

Our Mission

Boomi’s mission is to empower people to find a balance between city living and sustainability. We do so by challenging consumers to rethink about their daily practices in the wake of urbanization.

Boomi's Pillars of Sustainable Living

Bumi is "BAE"

1. Break down the complexity of sustainable living

We understand that sometimes, it is challenging to start your journey towards living a more zero-waste lifestyle. To simplify the process, we breakdown sustainable living into different segments of your home, starting from your bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and so on. Boomi believes in the concept of incrementalism, the idea that incremental changes can make a significant impact in the future.

2. Access to sustainable alternatives

We've realized that access to zero-waste alternatives in Asia is minimal and sporadic. There is no one centralized website or store that provides consumers with all their eco-friendly products. That is why Boomi is trying to build the one-stop shop for all your sustainable needs, ranging from bamboo toothbrushes to even bio-degradable poop bags for your pooches. 

3. Empower consumers with the knowledge to make conscious decisions

Most importantly, we strive to empower people to make conscious consumption decisions. We believe that change is in the hands of the consumers. We want to bring into the light the impact of plastic pollution so that consumers can make better choices in their everyday practices. We do so by providing monthly screenings and multiple workshops to educate the public about the horrors and dangers of plastic. No matter how small, we believe that everyone has the power to make a change.

In Bahasa Indonesian, the word bumi means earth.