Boomi Forest Initiative X Million Tree Project

She or He who plants a tree plants a hope
- Lucy Larcom, Plant a Tree -


Back in September 2019, we established a goal to raise funds to plant an entire forest (2000 Trees) in Inner Mongolia for Shanghai Roots & Shoots' Million Trees Project by February 29th, 2020. To reach this goal, we committed to donating 8.8% of our total revenue towards this initiative.

In less than 6 months, YOU did it. We as a collective have successfully raised enough funds to plant 2000 trees this April 2020.

Through the 6 months, you have helped us raise the funds by:

Reading our WeChat Articles and Blogs - 1263 WOWs = 50 Trees
153 Direct Donations from Individuals
1000+ Online Orders
1000+ attendance to our events and markets

However, we are not celebrating yet! Because we've just begun. 

Boomí’s mission is to make ZERO-WASTE living SIMPLE, and EMPOWER PEOPLE to make a POSITIVE difference in their day to day lives. We do this by providing products, services and opportunities for YOU to make SMALL changes that add up to BIG impact.

Planting a tree is a SMALL step you can take to make a LASTING IMPACT. Did you know that the trees you can plant through Boomí’s Forest Initiative live for about 150-300 years, with some living up to 700 years?! You can bring more green, create a better habitat, and ensure food source for the next several hundred years.

The trees you plant are not just part of a movement, but part of a bigger achievement for all of us now, and in the future.

So we’re not stopping at 2,000
We’re not even stopping at 10,000
We’re going for 50,000
Over the next 5 years YOU can help plant 25 FORESTS
Our Progress
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How you can help

  1. Purchase a toothbrush, a pouch, a shampoo block, or anything from our store and 8.8% of your purchase goes towards planting trees
  2. You can also donate a tree towards the initiative. You will receive an e-certificate to show all your friends how awesome you are.
What kind of trees do we plant?
The Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica Litv.) is a rugged evergreen tree native to Europe. Scotch pine is very durable and adaptable and it will tolerate alkaline soil up to a pH of 7.5 and will grow in most types of soil. 

They prefer moist, well-drained soil, however, and do best in full sun. Because they’re so tough, Scotch pines are popular in spots that can’t support a lot of other life, and they’re especially good at reclaiming undesirable areas and suitable for fighting desertification in Inner Mongolia and nearby areas.

Where do we plant the trees?

Inner Mongolia to fight against desertification.

About Million Tree Project

The Shanghai Roots & Shoots Million Tree Project, which began in 2007, aims to raise community awareness of the Earth’s precious environment while focusing on steps individuals can take to lessen their negative impact on the natural world. 

By planting trees in Inner Mongolia, the Million Tree Project is designed to improve both ecological and humanitarian conditions there. The project gives individuals and organizations an opportunity to fight climate change by planting oxygen-producing trees. 

It also encompasses true capacity building as the local population is intimately involved with, and benefits from, every step of planting, maintaining and monitoring the trees. Now the program has expanded to Lingwu, Ningxia to continue the good work.

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How will you make a difference today?