A more sustainable office

A more sustainable office

The office is where you’ll spend the majority of your day, whether you’re the business owner or an employee — you can encourage the people around you to take small steps which end up saving a lot of energy and resources (which includes money)! 

Work from Home (WFH)


First thing’s first… do you need to go to the office anyway? The commute to work is costly, and also time consuming, now multiply that by all your team members!  

If we’ve learned anything these past few months it’s that work from home actually is a viable option! It might not be ideal, but consider a few times per week or month. 

Having a few days per month designated as work from home not only reduces car traffic, but also saves energy used from running the entire office. 


Which is better for the environment? 

It’s important to recognize that there is an environmental cost to making goods, and a cost that depends on their lifespan, or use. 

While desktop computers tend to be less harmful to the environment to produce compared with laptops, desktop computers that are plugged in will use much more energy. 

Here’s some things to keep in mind:  

  • Buy quality computers that doesn’t need frequent updates or replacing

  • Ensure all desktops are in sleep mode or unplugged at night 

  • Buy from companies that minimize the use of lead and other hazardous materials in their construction 


This one sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many offices still print out documents that could be easily handled electronically. 

Set aside time for a 

PRINTING AUDIT with your team. 

List all the instances in which you’re printing out materials — what can be done digitally and what documents are essential to have printed? We’ll bet you can find a lot of paperwork can be done digitally, saving you money and saving the forest a lot of trees! 



What’s the best temperature to keep an office in summer?  

Chances are each one of your coworkers will have a different opinion, but if you’re looking to save energy, our friends at TERAO — a global consulting and engineering company involved for 30 years in energy efficiency and green building engineering — say it’s 26 degrees! Every °C of temperature set point changed is 12% of energy saved, so if you can set it to 27, you’ll save another 12% on energy!  


Created in 1993, TERAO is one of the pioneers of energy-saving and sustainable buildings. With a 30+ team of multidisciplinary engineers, TERAO is a leading independent green building engineering company active in China (since 2008) and worldwide (Columbia, UAE, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc). 

Terao operates on the whole building life cycle, from design (well-being, green building specifications,  energy efficiency design and calculation, etc.) to operation and maintenance (energy audits, certifications in operation)

Find more and contact them here: Terao - Sustainability Solutions for Energy Efficiency



If you MUST print something, consider using an eco-friendly font! You might be wondering, what’s an eco-friendly font?

Eco-friendly Fonts

An eco-friendly font is designed to use as little ink as possible. Here are 5 eco-friendly fonts to check out (if you’re a Boomi fan, you may recognize a few)!

 Some of these fonts can reduce your ink usage by 33% (Ryman Eco) or even up to 50% (Ecofont Sans). Of course the best solution is to not print at all! But if you must, consider using one of the above fonts.

Find more about these fonts in our previous post: 5 eco-friendly fonts you and your company need to know.


Who doesn’t like an afternoon pick-me-up? Keeping snacks around the office is a great way to add fuel, but a quick way to create extra unnecessary waste with processed foods and plastic packaging. 

Instead, opt for some treats that are not only better for the health of your teammates, but the environment as well. 

Look for food that is: 

  • Vegetarian 

  • Seasonal & locally grown

  • Packaged in recyclable material 

P.S.: If you are in Shanghai, go to the Boomi WeChat Shop and find healthy snacks from Goma Greens (Eco Walnuts and Organic Almonds). 


Unfortunately the cheapest option for many office supplies is often the least eco-friendly — not only because of the materials and manufacturing process, but because the product is poorly made, so has to be replaced often. 

Use furniture made from sustainable materials like bamboo or reclaimed materials. 

Purchase supplies from brands:  

  • have none or very little added chemicals & synthetic material 

  • transparent about their process and ingredients

  • can be used over & over again


Grab a Swedish dishcloth for your office kitchen and save on paper towels! Just one Swedish Dishcloth can replace 17 rolls of paper towels. 

Tote your belongings or pickup groceries after work in the Boomi "Plastic Bag" Tote Bag 


By the end of the day, you just want to get home! But not so fast… take an extra minute to make sure all computers are shut down, appliances are unplugged and lights are switched off can save a serious amount of energy. 

Just activating sleep mode on one computer can prevent 136 kg of CO2 emissions per year!  

Did you know we make office calls? 

That's right! Our Co-founders Emmanuel and Miguel are more than happy to stop by and share with your team about how to lead a more sustainable life, both at work and at home. Inspire change within your company over lunch + get involved with our initiatives like the Boomi Forest Initiative.   
You can contact them at: emmanuel@myboomi.io or miguel@myboomi.io
Article credits: Olivia Plotnick

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