Stories that Inspire Us

Indonesia's seaweed revolution.

Indonesia is a country with more than 17000 islands and with over 34000 miles of coastline. Could Indonesia be the brewing ground for a seaweed-based bioplastic? Source: The Guardian Environment Blog. An Indonesian woman harvests seaweed at her farm off the beach in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. Photograph: Ed Wray/AP Indonesia produces the second most amount of marine plastic pollution in the world. Since Indonesia is still a developing country, many poorer communities still rely on cheap single-use plastics such as bags, utensils, soap sachets, and etc. However, last year, the Indonesian government has pledged US$ 1 billion to attempt to...

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Shearwater chicks are dying from plastic.

Shearwater birds are fighting for survival against our plastic waste. A research was recently conducted by Liz Bonnin and a BBC team that showed terrifying findings of the effects of our plastic waste on Shearwater chicks in Australia.  Disclaimer: The video below is very graphic and upsetting.  Source: BBC Shearwaters are medium-sized long-winged seabirds. These birds would feed on fish, squid, and similar oceanic food. However, due to the increase in plastic pollution, these birds are unable to distinguish the difference between small plastic pieces and fish. As a result, in the past 50 years, their populations have decreased by over...

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